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“The feminine charm and smell of this line is priceless”– Look simply beautiful

Do I confuse you with the title???

I am just complimenting you all with my opening line.

Hey lovely ladies!!!!!! Enough is enough now….no means no!!!! Yes, you heard it right…I am saying this to myself, not to you guys, do not worry…

Actually, I am kind of making it very monotonous by putting or highlighting the western outfits only. Do you think I am biased???

Ummmm, No ya, just that I am waiting for the right time….but see already some occasions are gone…But still we are left with something… should we move on directly to that topic….what say????

Let us go then….

So, we all know that fashion trends are evolving every day, but there is a certain fashion line that remains constant no matter what. Yes, of course, I am talking about the ethnic fashion line, or should I say festive wears? So, let's first talk about every girl’s favorite that is Indian traditional dresses; the feminine charm and smell of this line are priceless.

A few years ago we were actually expected to wear these dresses only in marriage ceremonies or for any special occasion like Puja and all, but now the picture is not like earlier, that is, we girls are not only wearing them on special occasions but also, we are putting them on casually, in short, we love wearing them even in college, offices or casual meetups.

Some of those outfits as broadly named

1.Traditional saree

2. A heavy ethnic kurti

3.An ethnic kurta cum dress

4.Fusion (Western with a pinch of Ethnic touch)

1.Traditional saree

It is nearly impossible to explain the beauty of a saree in words…you cannot imagine how a simple saree can enhance your beauty or the whole look in no time. Although at the present scenario, there is a lot of western influence in the way people dress, but still there is something about a saree which makes a woman look dignified and every bit stylish.

Over the past years now, this outfit has evolved as a fashion statement. These sarees are suitable for not only traditional ceremonies and occasions but also for some formal events and parties.

Here, I am wearing a white saree with a red border with golden zari work on it. I am pairing the same with a dark green colored blouse to give a contrast look to the same.

When you feel that your saree is a little heavy then just go for minimal accessories, like do not wear both neckpiece and earring with your heavy saree. This will make your look heavier. Keep it simple by pairing the same with a heavy ethnic/silver earring or a neckpiece.

2. A heavy ethnic kurti

These are those outfits which we cannot think of wearing for a regular casual puja, party, or something. To wear such kind of outfits we need a fancy event or a festival. Yes, I am talking about those heavy yet beautiful looking ethnic outfits – kurta, salwar suits, etc. Here I am wearing a beige kurta with black and golden work and it has a skirt attached underneath, which turns that simple kurti into a heavy outfit or something which we can definitely think of wearing while going for some festivals. This beautiful looking outfit is from FBB. For such kind of heavy outfits, you can check out W, FBB (ethnic section), Global Desi, etc.

3. An ethnic kurti cum dress

Ethnic Kurtis are like the life of clothing during every occasion. From festivities to casual wear, they have become a necessity for girls out there. Sometimes we need that piece of kurti which can do the job for both casual meetups, or also for a festive occasion. I know there is a time when you feel like ‘ I have all those heavy festive wears, I need to buy some simple ones which can be carried easily at the same time and something which doesn’t look simple’.

When you feel like that, then go for those elegant looking ethnic dresses which are not only comfy but also gives off festive feels. Here I am wearing a similar kind of ethnic dress. This coral coloured mid-calf ethnic dress is not only comfortable but is also giving me the not so simple feel. I know many of my girls have these kinds of dresses, still, I want to suggest some brands which are my absolute favorites. You will find the products of these brands both online and offline. They are – Global desi, Libas, Fabindia, Rangriti, Akkriti by Pantaloons, Ajio.

4. Fusion (Western with a pinch of Ethnic touch)

We all know that fusion is so much in trend these days. Gone are those days when we have to think about the world. We cannot deny that we have a big collection of clothes like saree, lehenga, salwar that are just kept inside our wardrobe. We might wear them once or twice.

Now we have options of mixing and matching those and creating new looks by reusing the old blouse, old dhoti pant, new Anarkali with the old jeans, white shirt with your old lehenga skirt, short kurta with shorts and whatnot.

Here, I am wearing a combo of western and ethnic, where I am showing the same outfit in three ways to make it wearable for all. My outfit consists of a black crop top with a satin beige colored palazzo. In order to give an ethnic touch to it, I have completed the look with a tribal print neckpiece.

I know many of us are not comfortable wearing sleeveless because of numerous reasons like -conscious about those ‘dolas’ (big arms), conscious about ‘log kya kahenge’ stuffs etc. Do not worry you girls, we also have solutions for that.

You can still look elegant and festive ready at the same time by wearing different types of shrugs or ethnic jackets layering with these kinds of sleeveless blouses and tops. I am layering the same with two types of shrugs-

One is the black open-front mid-length full sleeve knitwear shrug with embellished detail. You can definitely go for such shrugs if you are the kind of person who is conscious about the arm fat.

The second shrug is from the brand ‘Only’; it is a floral print open front longline shrug with a collar. So, these added pieces of clothing will make the outfit full and also make you occasion/festive ready.

Another option, if you want to layer it with your cool denim jacket, then do not think twice, just go for it. That fusion will burn your look (in a good sense of course). Do not forget to pair that outfit with a statement piece of jewelry.

I hope I am able to make your wardrobe choices a little easy in this ongoing festive season.

For those who already have these ideas or these outfits then do not think & miss the chance to look elegant this Diwali and for others try and reuse your clothes and make them festive ready with little mixing and matching.

Until next time, see ya……


By Rimpi Das

(In-Frame Rimpi Das)



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