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Beauty beyond Boundaries

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” - Audrey Hepburn

In the 21st century women hold every big position in the corporate world. From CEO of a company to female boxers to Prime Minister of a country, women are showing their quality and proved that they are equal to men. Wearing shirt, pants with bow tie is common in female corporate world. But this was not from the very beginning. During the end of 19th century and starting of 20th century women had to face many social boundaries which they were not allowed to cross. There was strict limitation on women regarding their dressing in the working place. That time women used to wear corsets which used to be very painfully tight which made it difficult to work freely.

There was a need to introduce women corporate clothing. Well it was not like that this was started only after end of 19th century. In the mid-19th century around 1850’s Amelia Bloomer, a women’s right activist sparks the flame. She raised her voice and insisted women to boycott tight corsets. Instead she told them to use wide-loose fitting pants which can be used under a knee length skirt, named “Bloomer”. Soon Bloomer became famous and broke the old ideology by being a symbol for women’s right or feminism. Many famous feminists of that time used to carry Bloomer like Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Leader of women’s right movement)

Starting of 20th century gave a new wings to this change in women’s clothing. During World War I there was the need of a huge work force into the corporate world. This gave women a chance to prove themselves which they did. Due to this there was a need for lighter, casual and easy to carry clothing for women. They use to alter their husband’s clothing and went to work wearing those attires. Long shirt with belt outside came into existence at that time. And that’s where the innovation part in women clothing came. Many famous designer came into existence during this period which change the course of history for the women’s clothing and among them the most influential was the French designer COCO CHANEL. She innovate the androgynous styling for women and rest is the history. She embraced the growing women movement and bought remarkable changes like introduction of menswear inspired clothing, tweed blazers, nautical stripes, trouser and chunky knit sweaters. Actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn got inspired with the trousers idea and used these as sport wear. And that’s how this corporate clothing if women became the fashion. Famous magazines like Vogue started to front lined women empowerment with their cover pics and articles. One of the famous line by Vogue "Our new slacks are irreproachably masculine in their tailoring, but women have made them entirely their own by the colors in which they order them, and the accessories they add."

In 1960s after the equal pay act and civil rights act for women, this came into the mainstream corporate fashion used by women and recognized and respected all over the world. Many movies embraced this fashion and innovate the women’s clothing like “smoking” tuxedo jacket, black capri’s, vests, wide ties and button-up shirts. Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern are some women who became the youth fashion icon for corporate women.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

So, we have seen women all over the world have fought for their rights and have achieved what they deserve. With times the fashion has changed from following the trend to represent your true self by retaining your individuality and listen to your truest self. Fashion has become more about being comfortably stylish than following the ongoing norms of being stylish. Nowadays it’s not about getting flown away in the craze but it’s more about creating your own vouge. As Coco Chanel very well once that, “Fashion Changes, Style Endures.”

Now we will be sharing with you some revolutionary elements in the women fashion world that haves fight for themselves to get its respect in the world of fashion and also how you can style them in your own ways.


From the early part of our blog you all have already read that how shirt and trousers for women have come its long way in its journey. Corporate fashion cannot be imagined of without proper fitted shirt and well-tailored trousers.

In this modern world we all are corporate slaves and are bound to follow the corporate formal rules.

The first look that we have created here is a very comfortable formal look. A pair of well-tailored blue trousers is always a staple element for formal fashion. Pairing it with this striped shirt make the look very fresh classy Monday fashion statement to turn everyone’s head towards you. Both the pair is of cotton and it gives a comfortable vibe.

Keeping the makeup very minimal just a kohled eyes and a nude lip makes the look come together properly. A silver watch is the best match for every formal look. A black sling bag to pair it will be much helpful for everyone to carry their all files and laptop.

Shirt- Raymond

Trousers- All

Watch- Fastrack


In today’s modern world formal dressing code is a major important part of every office, meetings, presentations, etc and we all know that this code comes in two variants for we Indians; one is a Western formal look and another is Indian formal look. So, leaving western and opting for the other formal look is really not a bad choice. And when it comes to the Indian formal looks, a White Kurta is the super hero always saving us from the mishaps.

You can call a blazer the father of formal looks as it’s there to compliment the whole. But here ditching a basic black or blue blazer and opting for a bit orange animal print blazer is not a bad idea, I guess. This orange glaze animal print blazer can pump up the style quotient even in your boring office meeting days and the addition of a small colour coordinated danglers in your ears is just the best match. Again, meetings or your daily office requires you to carry some files or your laptop and carrying all of them may be of a bit difficult sometimes. So, a bit larger size handbag like this can be your ultimate choice which will make you look organized and at the same time will give you much more corporate women look. The top knot is just like the twin sister to a formal look. Being punctual for your work is a must so a wrist watch is also desirable helping you to adhere the same.

Blazer- Thrifted from local market of Gangtok

White Kurta- Rangmanch



By Team Margot Robbie



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