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Find out why your woman is attracted.

Thinking to work on something different this time. Any guesses?

So, the men must be thinking, you only write on women styling or grooming, but what about us?

Where do we stand? Don’t worry. We have something for you too.

We have written something on men this time, but there is a twist

The Twist is: What a man’s clothing and styling can turn a woman on?

The ladies have spoken on what attracts the most in a man’s style.

Before beginning with the article, let us take an oath -"hum girls jo bolenge sach bolenge aur sach ke siva kuch nahi bolenge".

After interacting with numerous women of various age groups, we found out that if you talk about styling and clothing, women have different tastes for men, we finally concluded some of the things of men’s fashion that make women turn on.

So, guys fasten your seat belts because we will take you on a rollercoaster ride of what women want and attract them the most. This is a golden opportunity to impress your wife or girlfriend all over again!

Let us dive in then.

Suit up.

As said by Finnis Farr, "Well-dressed men know that nothing worth-while is ever outmoded, that a superb tailor’s work is ageless.”

We say that it is not about the clothes you wear but your personality that matters the most.

Still, personality is not the first thing that people see, so one should suit up or dress well. With this, half of your work on personality is complete.

"He must look so good in formals", I know many of you agree with this thought of mine - while looking at any good-looking man - a corporate mind you see.

Here our model Smruti Ranjan Parida is sporting a tailor-made grey checked suit from H&M and also a classic white shirt underneath.

This is the perfect combo one can go for while attending formal events, meetings, etc. This outfit is incredibly impressive to all the women out there.

Also, one can wear a turtleneck black full sleeve or half sleeve pullover with the same grey suit and go for some light-coloured turtleneck pullover with a dark coloured suit. This is classy and attractive to the top and wearable at any party, events, ceremonies, etc.

The classic black long coat.

Women like men who are well dressed and a black long classic coat is timeless and classy that can turn heads instantly. An overcoat is a type of coat that is usually worn as the outermost garment which a man can wear above his sweatshirt or a sweater that usually extends below the knee. This kind of coat is usually worn in winters or in cold places where one can be warm, stylish, and swanky at the same time. The combo of a long coat with a pair of denim and with minimal accessories can be a win-win situation to steal the hearts of women. Not to forget about the shoes which can be a pop-up colour in your for your outfit, complementing your look. Women’s psychology says men look hotter when they wear black and what better way to prove it right with a long black coat.

Here our model Prakhar Pandey is wearing a classic black overcoat with light grey jeans. He is paring the same with a light grey woolen scarf, a classic piece of aviator sunglasses and how could I not mention those maroon boots. Accessories like statement shoes, shades, scarf complete his look, also making it highly attractive to all the women out there, what say?

The beach look

what women want
what women want

Men cannot do enough to impress a woman, not even on vacations. According to women, men look cute and playful in well-fitted beach shorts complementing it with a colourful shirt and sleepers. This can be your ideal look for beach vacations. It is comfortable, eye-catching, and will make you look perfect for your vacations.

A leather jacket of different shades of classic brown.

Shades of brown are always in trend and are most desirable when we talk about those leather jackets. Not only is it a classy look, but it is also a fashion statement in itself. One can create n number of looks with that one leather jacket. The brown leather jacket is also a favorite winter clothing for any fashion enthusiast woman. A man wearing a well fitted brown leather jacket along with black/blue denim and a high boot can attract any woman without any question.

what women want
what women need


By Anushka Raychowdhury and Rimpi Das.

(In Frame: Prakhar Pandey, Smruti Ranjan Parida, Rishabh Dham)



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