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Ageless style: 13 basic things a woman should own.

World Famous designer Coco Chanel quoted, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself aloud."

Hey people, this is Rimpi, a big-time fashion admirer who always wants to look fashionable and follow the trends. So, I thought why not take this passion to a platform where I can deliver what I have in my mind. The style statement of people changes in no time. In my case, my style statements in the past were such that I sometimes burst out laughing at the pictures, and wonder why didn’t I follow the trends. Everything in the universe evolves with time, and my fashion sense too has evolved over time. I have tried to make this article as interesting as possible and for you guys to gather something at the end whether be it a smile, or some small ideas. And yeah, I am neither a fashion designer nor a model. I am just a fashion enthusiast. I just want to share my knowledge, hope you will find it useful in some way.

Sometimes it is exceedingly difficult to find out what we women need in our lives. We carry a whole lot of things in our fancy bags. We shop like hell making our wardrobes claustrophobic and a room full of mess with things which hardly are of any use in the future. I am one of those kinds. As a shopaholic, sometimes I forget what I need and what I do not.

Very lately I got to know that there are some things - which are important not for the moment but for quite a long time and some things are like guests in our daily life. Being a fashion admirer and a management student, it is also important for me to have a balance of things that can help both in corporate and in normal life. A famous thought “The first impression is made every day, but with proper dressing and grooming.”

So, after much thought, I have found out some things that are essential for a woman in both her casual and corporate spheres of life.



1. A nice white shirt:

My fashion lovers will understand how we can style a simple & solid white shirt in endless possible ways. Again, that same white shirt plays an important role when one is going for an interview. I am not so brand conscious while choosing clothes. For me, comfort and variety matter the more. Still, for reference, we can go for some brands which are comfortable but cannot say about reasonable as it is very much subjective. But some of these brands are in sale many times a year, I have tried these brands, that is why sharing those with you all. For a white shirt, we can go for H&M, Mango, Van Heusen, etc.

2. A pair of good denim and trousers:

Denim never goes out of fashion. Casual jeans may sound like a dream come true in the workplace. But you can beat the blues by wearing blue denim jeans, also it makes you feel comfortable and appropriate for the office and weekend. “Trends come and go, but denim is forever”

3. Indian traditional Kurti:

We Indians have a lot of occasions to attend in a year, starting from Ganesh Chaturthi to Durga puja, Assamese Bihu to Diwali party, Laxmi puja, and many more. We are not attending those in our denim now, are we?  Before every puja function, we see people are running around malls, shops, tailors to buy or stitch traditional wear. That is why I feel, good traditional wear should be there in every women's wardrobe. In a Kurti, a woman is ready to rock both her office and any occasion since it can be worn both as formal and informal attire. We see some revisionist changes in fashion from time to time, but the east and west mixture is inevitable, come out in a beautiful and artistic representation of our multicultural society. Fusion wear celebrates the greatness and beauty of both worlds. I am going to share some brands, which are my go-to brands for a regular or an ethnic Kurti. You must check those brands- FavIndia, Vishudh, House of Pataudi.

4. A well-fitted bra:

Many of us take our undergarments for granted. But it is the most important clothing that a woman must have with proper comfort and size. We should find and go for a bra that looks good with every piece of clothing. If you have them in three basic colors White, Black, and skin color then you are good to go.

5. A pair of shoes:

One pair is very less, right? I know many of us have full boxes of shoes but remember the times when we used all of them properly. In my case, I could not remember when I had fully used any of the pairs I own. Like Marilyn Monroe quoted “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. We should go for a nice-looking pair of shoes and remember it must possess that type of heel according to your comfort because heels boost confidence and who does not want a confidence boost from time to time. For the right pair of shoes, one can definitely check out these brands- Catwalk, Dressberrry, Ceriz, Mochi. I have tried them. My all-time favorite brands while choosing a comfortable pair are Mochi and Catwalk.

6. A Bag (Hand/ Sling/ Backpack/ clutches/ tote bag):

I am personally a huge bag lover and we woman has the world to carry in our bags. Choose your bag according to your day. For bags, there are many good brands one can choose from. I have tried so many brands. But out of all, I am sharing my recent favorites - Dress berry, Lino Perros. Some expensive brands are- LV, Chanel, Michael Kors, Coach Factory, Gucci, Fossil, etc. One can definitely go for these brands according to affordability. I will hopefully invest someday in some of those brands.


"Create your own style,  let your style statement represent the unique you,  yet identifiable to the latest trend." It is important to become more clear about yourself that what actually you are because it's you who will decide what is best for me."

- Ritu Puri. (Miss Jharkhand, Miss India Jharkhand All Nation & Miss Gorgeous Diva of India 2018) 



7. Skincare products you love:

Because you cannot hide your affinity for sunbathing sunscreen. Everybody wants to have radiant glowing skin. A good moisturizer, a cleanser is a must-have. Most importantly for skincare ‘Hydration is the key’. For skincare, it is a little difficult to mention brands because skincare products are very much depending on the skin preference of the particular person. Then also I can share some of my go-to skincare brands- Nivea, Kama, Plum, etc.

8. Minimal makeup:

Makeup is not essential but sometimes it helps. If we are only a lipstick liner person then we should select some neutral and shuttle shades of lipsticks for offices and bold and dark for parties, outdoors, etc. For liners and Lipsticks, I will definitely recommend my go-to brands- Maybelline, Loreal, Sugar. If you can, you should definitely invest in some of the good makeup brands like M.A.C, Bobbi Brown.

A little foundation with the right skin shade helps one with dark circles. No one wants a dark circle, DO we???

9. Fragrances:

Who wants bad breath or smelly clothes. A good perfume is like the cherry on top of life. Wearing the right perfume makes any person confident about themselves. Some good brands of perfume you can check out are, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, United colors of Benetton. Some reasonable yet good brands are Engage, Fogg, Marks & Spencer, etc.

10. Planner:

A planner is a must-own thing. Like me, most girls I am sure to forget daily planned activities. So, it is important to be ready with schedules every day and to remember them, a small planner or notebook is one must-have.

11. Sportswear:

In today’s lifestyle, in order to be healthy, a good pair of sports or yoga clothing is of utmost importance. It might sound weird, but it gives me the motivation to workout. For regular sportswear, there are multiple good brands we can choose from. Some of them are- Puma, Nike, Reebok, Champion, etc.

12. Wet wipes/ handkerchief/ Tissues/ sanitizer:

Hygiene is of the utmost importance for anyone. Even by accessing the current situation, we understand how important it is for any woman to maintain hygiene and the mentioned items are best for maintaining hygiene in and outside the house.

13. Statement belt and watch:

Italian fashion journalist Anna Dello Russo said, ‘Accessories are like vitamins to fashion’. Our boring outfits can stand out by pairing them with statement belts and watches. While choosing watches it is important to go for some good brands with quality. Some good brands we can surely give our hands-on are- Titan, TIMEX, Daniel Klein. Some brands with an ethnic touch are- Chumbak, Guess. Have you checked them? Not yet, then go and check, trust me you will love them.

By Rimpi Das.
In Frames - Bijoya Guha, Rimpi Das, Shalini Rawat.
(July 2020)

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