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Mental Life of Workplace

"The average mind is vastly complicated not less sadly out of order, but perhaps even more susceptible to culture"

I remember when I was in school, we were always taught that health is all about the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of an individual. But still, when we talk about health, one thing that comes to the top of our mind is physical fitness (taking care of our BMI and for that, we do various forms of workout in the home, or the fitness centre). We ignore the major constituent of health i.e mental state of an individual. We do push-ups, crunches, squats, weight-lifting but forgets to relax that part of our body which is active 24*7 i.e. our brain.

2020 is the year which had made sudden and unimaginable changes in our personal as well as professional lives, giving rise to various issues. Out of them, the most challenging one is workplace stress which is the leading cause of depression and other health issues among working individuals. Work-related stress was never given much importance by many organizations for a long time which was a serious issue for the employees and the organization in the long run. Stress has been known to have an impact on human behavior as well as overall health condition thus leading to an inefficient work performance.

Many factors lead an individual into a stressful condition those factors could be external as well as internal. Let me give you a few instances to make these factors clear-

  • Excessive workloads

  • Lack of support

  • Work-life imbalance

  • Unhealthy relations with the management or colleagues

  • Bullying, harassment

  • Pessimistic orientation towards life

  • Lack of motivation

There are times when we are under stress but we couldn't realize it. Do you find it a major problem? If yes, then don't worry, I would be telling you about the signs and symptoms of both the organizational level and individual level, which will help you to recognize that you are under workplace stress.

Organization level signs like a decrease in performance of the teams, noticeable differences in work quality, project completion times, and an overall worsening of the Workplace Environment are some of those signs.

Individual-level signs are a bit difficult to notice and demand better handling. These signs can range from an employee's lack of performance, changes in attitude, social differences, irritation, anxiety, frustration, and depression. An individual with Stress tends to be prone to depression disorder leading to some serious outcomes as well. Issues like Cardiovascular disorders, neural disorders, and physical disorders are some of the issues which can be directly or indirectly linked to these stresses. And it is said that the Younger generations are more susceptible to these factors since they are not well prepared for them.

Are you an employer? Here are the things you should always consider-

  • You should focus on a balanced hiring process as well to relieve the employees from the excessive workload.

  • Better employee management consists of a well-planned Employee Conflict resolution and management machinery.

  • Keep a check on the issues employees face regularly you can constantly look for innovative solutions thus keeping the Workplace stress levels low and Employee efficiency high.

  • If you realized that your employee is usually stressed about job security, you should try making the employee feel comfortable about it.

  • You should understand that Employees' health whether physical or psychological can have an impact on the whole organization in the long run.

Are you an employee and stressed out with work then try these out-

  • You should focus on keeping a positive outlook on everything they deal with. Staying positive and solving problems are important. Don't hesitate to talk about your problems with others ( Wo kehte hai na man mein kuch ho to keh do, halka lagta hai)

    • You should take breaks from work from time to time to maintain a balance and helping cope up with the conditions. Breaks can be used for various things like hobbies, entertainment, travelling, family, for themselves.

  • Make a habit of doing meditation twice a day for 30 mins. And suppose you have started feeling stressed in between of the day or you are nervous about your upcoming presentation, then close your eyes and take long breath 3 times. I am sure you will be relaxed.

  • The most important thing you should take care of your eating, drinking, and sleeping habits-

Eating habits - Never skip meals, especially breakfast. Consume fruits, sprouts, protein-rich food as much as possible. Drink 2-3 litres of water daily.

Sleeping habit - It is very important to have a sound sleep of a minimum of 7 hrs.

No drugs, no surgery- these may help the body, not the emotions. Instead you ‘work out’. ' Now I am going to tell you one wonderful mental exercise which will help you in your self-development – read a page of no matter what, and then immediately write down, in one's word or the author's, one's full recollection of it. A quarter of an hour a day! No more! And it works like magic. This brings to your department of writing.'

Why does not some mental efficiency specialist come forward and show us how to make our minds do the work which our minds are certainly capable of doing?

Let me tell you all what I used to do when I am stressed maybe it would help you too

Whenever I am stressed out I eat a lot of chocolates, mainly I prefer Amul Dark chocolate, either I consume it directly or in the form of Hot chocolate. Oh, God! It feels like, with every sip of it, the stress is melting and leaving my body. Wanna have it? Here’s the video where you would find the easiest way to prepare hot chocolate in 3 ways:

Even I used to release my stress by doing a live dance session daily for 55 mins in the evening from Curefit. If you don’t wanna dance you can even attend live sessions of yoga, exercise, meditation and can even track your performance there. Am attaching the link for the same-

I am 100% sure, you guys might be using various other methods as your stress-buster. We would be more than happy f you share your stressbuster n the comments below maybe t would help many.


By Team Alicia Sierra


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