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Working out your career

Getting a perfect job today is as difficult as cracking a hard nut. In this cut-throat competitive environment it's the battle of the fittest, not only academically but also in the literal sense.

Have you ever thought why a person who is less intelligent compared to you in academics and other activities, grabs a job that you desired for? Do you come back, look in the mirror and ask this question time and again? We all know you deserved that crown that someone else is wearing. Guess what that crown can be yours. Trust me when I say it is the battle of the fittest. It’s an emulation of being aesthetically pleasing or beautiful along with being astute and knowledgeable.

Here's what we have analyzed over time. Take any industry, be it aviation, beauty, or even marketing. Before you sell a product, you have to sell yourself to the industry. By saying so I mean your personality. Yes, more than your cv what attracts a recruiter more, is your health and how to fit and charming your personality is. With all the stars and shields you might possess in the resume, there always stand a chance of losing the opportunity to a person who tends to have a healthier and fit body that you tend to lack. You need to focus on being physically pleasant as well, a change in lifestyle. Incorporating a few regular exercises in your daily routine can bring wonders that you have always aspired for.

Honesty working out can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming too. A working professional or an aspiring corporate candidate might not take out sufficient time to go to the gym. So, considering the fact we have got you a brilliant set of exercises which can do miracles without even stepping into the gym.

Tabata a very famous art form will help you in your complete body workout within 20 minutes. Just play Tabata music and start working out the below-recommended workout routine for 30 sec each. The best part of this will be the music automatically prompts you to change after every 30secs. So just enjoy the music and sweat out.

Below are the recommended exercises

Note: The following schedule has to be performed 3 times. (3 sets)

1. Jumping Jacks

By performing this exercise you can reduce body fat. This exercise is a combination of aerobics exercise and resistance work. This type of exercise targets your heart, lungs, and muscle at the same time.

2. Mountain Climber

This exercise improves your cardiovascular fitness and also strengthens the core. It will also tone your butt and legs, and increases flexibility.

3. Squats Sidekicks

This exercise strengthens legs, glutes, and outer thighs and also helps in toning up the lower body.

4. Squats Jump

This exercise strengthens and helps in building up of bones(specifically spine bone). It also strengthens the muscle throughout the body and provides stability and improves balance.

5. Pushups

This exercise is beneficial for building upper body strength. It targets triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles

6. Plank Pushups

This exercise not only provides strength to your body but also targets your core.

7. Side Leg Raise

This exercise tones up your hips, thigh muscles, and reduces excess fat, and increases lean muscle mass.

8. T rotation

This exercise tightens upper-back muscles and shoulders and improves body posture.

9. Hip bridge

This exercise targets your glutes, hamstring, core, lower back, abdomen, obliques, and hip flexors. This exercise helps in getting good posture. It will tone up and gives a shape to your butt, and helps to achieve a stronger back.


If you are having any trouble in reducing your weight, here are some helpful tips.


Drink Warm Water

Drinking warm water improves blood circulation to muscles and organs. It helps in the movement of blood and detoxification of the blood by raising the body temperature.

During office hours you can have warm water from your office pantry or you can carry a thermos to the office or can have a kettle in your cabin or cubical. A Phillips kettle will cost you from a range of Rs. 999-2999 according to your preference.

Take vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps in metabolizing the carbs for energy. It also boosts immunity.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps in metabolizing the carbs for energy. It also boosts immunity.

Some of the sources of vitamin C that you can have any time are citric fruits like orange, guavas, lemon or if you can't take these fruits to the office then you can carry vitamin-C supplements in the form of pills. Carrying two oranges to your office will not only be a healthy snack but will also be helpful for fat cutting. The best part is it won’t cost more than 10rs each.

If you find carrying oranges difficult you can always go for over counter Himalayan vitamin – C tablets.

Take a high protein diet

High Protein diet helps in increasing overall calorie burn and reduces calorie intake as protein requires more energy for its breakdown and proper digestion. It helps in increasing strength and muscle formation.

You can add eggs, yogurt to your diet, and can also have a protein shake for breakfast. For vegetarians, soya beans can be an alternative. Including 4 eggs will not cost you around Rs. 20-25 depending on the place you live and a packet of Nutella soya beans will come under Rs. 15.

Drink Green Tea

Caffeine present in green tea helps in boosting the metabolism of an individual which helps in burning fat and improves exercise performance.

You can have green tea during your office hours, you just have to do, is to keep a packet of green tea ( tea bags/ powder form) at your workplace and can have it any time you want to have. But ideally, Green tea should be consumed in the early morning hours. Lipton green tea is the most popular and highest selling green tea. We already know the benefits of it and will cost you around Rs. 550 for a pack of 100 teabags.

Sleep At least 7-8 Hours

Sleeping for 7-8 hours enhances muscular recovery and recharges your brain through protein synthesis and through the release of human growth hormones. It also rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.

Avoid Sugar and Fats

Sugar and fats are high in calories which increases your daily calorie intake with no additional nutrients. As calorie surplus leads to weight gain and low energy so, excessive consumption of sugar should be refrained from.


We have always been hearing that fitness is not just a destination to be reached, it's a way of life, it’s an incessant journey to enjoy. where It's like a drug incorporating which once you start seeing the results, you get addicted to it. A toned attractive body will not only increase your confidence but will also bring all the stars in your career. There are multiple examples of where we have observed that the CEO'S widely used social media exercise at least 30 minutes a day. So get rid of your dormancy and inculcate these habits in your daily routine religiously. Trust me to get into the CEO consortium this is the key.

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By Adib Hassan, Abhishek Bhardwaj.

(June 2020)


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