The Path to Love is a creamy swirl!

Food is Symbolic of Love, when words are inadequate.”

So here we are in the most beautiful month of the year that defines fragrance, music, a little sunshine, warm breeze; signaling the forthcoming waves of gentle summer; just after the cold winter nights.

February they say is the month of Love, and “Love” they say is “intangible”. It is felt through the different moments & situations of life.

People define love by going through different experiences of their lives. It might be the most joyous phases for some or a grieving period for a few. These so-called phases or stages in life, evidently teach us the biggest lessons of good and evil; laughter and sorrow; highs and lows in the most colorful journey of Life

Having said this, there always exists a relationship between love and food, and a true “Foodie” will undoubtedly agree with us and rightly quoted by Alan D Wolfelt, “Food is Symbolic of Love when words are inadequate.”

Food is love made visible. For e.g., whilst baking Cupcakes; we put our time and effort, love, and determination into making a perfect mix of all the ingredients and hoping the result is a moist, fluffy, soft, delicious outcome which we then choose to have it the way it is, or layer it with buttery, creamy swirly sumptuous icing. We do this because; nobody really wants a burnt cake with a charred flavor at the tip of their tongues!.

Likewise, when we relate this to our day-to-day relationships, we put our heart, soul and mind towards our loved ones and mind you; however; there are times when situations or circumstances get swirled off the “Cupcake of love in a very unpleasant way”.

These times can be stated as the most testing moments in life where the “real you” comes out to evaluate or redefine your relationship with that adored loved one. You invest your love and positive energy into baking your Cupcake of Love and work towards life to be as beautiful, worthy, and fruitful with your loved one because hello! Like we said, whoever wants a burnt Cake?

To sum up, therefore: Let us talk about cherishing your love-filled moments with great food on Valentine’s Day this year; especially after the disastrous strike of COVID 19. Considering the fact that we remained trapped in our own homes while the evil virus did its rounds around us; we at Markeligion, decided to encourage you to express love and kindness in a cleaner, warmer fashion where you can now pour your love and heart into baking a cake for your loved ones at home!

Now bake for your partner and let your intimacy speak volumes and tickle their senses with Chocolate, Caramel, butter, and sweetness.

Color your Valentine’s Day this year with red Strawberries, red wine, cake, music and bring in the essence of Romance in a more sensual way.

Don’t miss the red hot recommendation of how to add the two most essential ingredients; Strawberries and Chocolate, this Love Season by Our Valentine Chef of the Month; Subah Popli.

Strawberry Cheesecake

A super classic dish of love: - Cheesecake topped with a sweet and tangy topping of homemade strawberry jam. You can experiment with a topping of your choice; Blueberry and Mango!


1. Digestive biscuits -100gms

2. Unsalted Butter - 50gms

3. Cream Cheese -100gms

4. Cream -100gms

5. Condensed Milk -100gms

6. Gelatin - 30gms

7. Strawberries sliced -100gms

8. Sugar - 30gms

9. Lemon Juice -10ml


1. Line a 5-inch cake pan with butter paper

2. Melt the butter in the microwave.

3. In a blender blend the biscuits to a fine crumb

4. Pour in the melted butter and blend for 30 seconds

5. Pour the mixture into the pan and smooth out to a uniform layer and chill for 30 minutes in the fridge.

6. In a bowl add half the gelatin and soak for about 5 minutes.

7. In a saucepan heat together cream cheese, cream, and condensed milk until melted.

8. Pour in the gelatin and whisk until melted.

9. Pour the mixture over the biscuit crumb

10. Soak the remaining gelatin

11. In a different saucepan put the strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice.

12. Heat till the mixture is nice and saucy.

13. Add the gelatin and allow to melt

14. Pour the strawberry mixture over the cheesecake and allow to sit for about 3 hours

15. De-mold slice and serve chilled.

Eggless Chocolate mousse

Mousse is a classic French dessert meaning light and airy. It is usually made using raw whipped egg whites and whipped cream. The lightness of the mousse depends on the ratio of whipped eggs/cream to the other ingredients. This is an eggless recipe being quick and easy to make.


1. Water - 1/4 cup

2. Sugar - 3 tablespoon

3. Dark Chocolate Chopped - 200gms

4. Rum/Brandy (Optional) - 1/2 tablespoon

5. Whipping Cream - 1 cup

6. Instant Coffee - 1 teaspoon


1. Place chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl

2. In a saucepan heat together water and sugar until the sugar has melted

3. Once the sugar is melted pour over the chopped chocolate and allow to sit for 30 seconds

4. Mix until the chocolate is fully melted. If the chocolate is not fully melted then microwave for 30 seconds.

5. Stir in the liquor if using and let it sit till the warm mixture reaches room temperature. Or simply skip this step.

6. Using a hand mixer whip the cream until stiff peaks form.

7. Gently fold the whipped cream with the chocolate mixture until fully mixed.

8. Pour into serving dishes and chill for 30 minutes.

9. Serve chilled.

Bring freshness and new flavor to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day in a safer and warmer way!


Recipe Credit: Subah Popli

Click here for more of her recipes.

Written By: Akansha Sinha, Vandana Sahu.


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