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"The National Mystery - The Pages Unturned"

The little man of peace, Died or was made dead.

Mesmerized with the twists and turns of the breathtaking plots of Mirzapur? Boiling your grey cells about what will happen next? But what if we tell you that real stories can be more mysterious with all the spices added up to beat the plot of even the best reels? Move forward with the article and maybe we can change your mind...!!

In 1966, just after the renowned cold war, our second prime minister went to Tashkent to settle a deal, he was made to stay in Dacha (a cottage), 250 yards away from his staff, not in any hotel. And on just the next day, January 11th, 1966, at 1:22 am Shashtri Ji was no more. Was the security, safety perfect, or systematic planning? Is it that normal, A prime minister of India is no more? O is that what the lifetime value in the country is?

A committee settles about it in the 21st century, as per the RTI of Anuj Dhar (a truth-teller about real history), holding famous historian, youth and old leaders, socialist, a senior judge, and intelligence officials to solve the death/ murder mystery of Shashtri Ji. Just with a right to know and clarify the information a commoner was also parting in and placed the evidence of two reports being submitted about Shashtri Ji's death to all, one in India with 6 signature headed by Dr. Chugh and reasoning the acute act of cardiology and another to Tashkent soviet after 6 days having 8 doctors signed reasoning may be considered as death caused by a cardinal infraction (poison repercussions) by senior Lady dr. EG Yerminko and Shah Mirzeve. Here Yerminko presenting that she would have signed the Indian report only if death was due to heart failure.

Ahead in discussion…

The points that came up were, Shastri's room wasn't having any caution bell near the bed, and his tumbler having night drink was lying down empty on which Shastri Ji was pointing and died. So the question raised why was the personal servant of Shashtri Ji wasn't allowed to make his night drink as only he should be allowed to, even where was the forensic report and Shashtri Ji's diary, why all the made vanished and the KR Malkani's book mentions, the disappearance of the medical report announcement of Shashtri Ji by foreign minister specifically from printed copy only instead of being presented in the speech. The discussion went on, Is this marketing or history? Or making history mythology? Historians still struck on proving the heart failure, over that the which senior judge said, a discussion isn't don't yet.


Just after 13 days after the death of Shastri Ji, Dr. Bhabha's plane crashed due to an air disaster (the person assigned to make nuclear Change for India) after 10 years to that, India became colonial as of emergency when all socialistic politicians, scientists, leaders, writer, thinkers, journalists, and intellectuals were in jail. Not just this, adding socialism to the constitution happened despite being mentioned by Baba Sahib Ambedkar that adding socialism is killing democracy; it's not a party manifesto still all happened, which shouldn't have happened don't you think so?

Making such intellectuals behind bars was that easy, or making India from democratic to social was needed? Would this all have been possible in the rule of Shastri Ji?

When his dead body came back to India was swollen, black and there were cuts, from which blood was floating, even Lal Bahadur Shastri's nephew has provided his blood-stained cap as proof

As in 1976, it was KGB's (the best spy agency) pattern of work to make body organs out from the body for deleting poison proof.

And the KGB Mitrokhin have a separate chapter in relationships with India stating India was for sale, would that had been possible in the rule of Shashtri Ji or for all that he was made dead or it was by the cardiac act?

Still, a mystery, the death of our second prime minister couldn't even have a post-mortem report, where are we heading to, just around Mirzapur 2?


By Team Voldemort


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