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That little black dress and classy black long ones

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion. A 'Little Black Dress' is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.”

- Christian Dior

The Fashion King

Do you guys love the colour black??? I am sure you must be thinking what type of question it is. Who does not love black? When it is about our clothes then I can guarantee that almost every person’s wardrobe has at least a few black coloured pieces. If a wardrobe could talk, then it would definitely be all the black clothing items feeling hot all the time and bitching about other colours. Their conversation would be like: “those reds and greens I tell you, such tacky colours, I am the classiest among all!” Sorry for that bad joke guys…hahahaaa!

Oops! I forgot to introduce myself again. Hey, folks! Remember me? Rimpi this side. Here I again come with one of my partners, that is, my friend Ritika Gupta, a ‘Digital creator’ with a great fashion and dressing sense, who is joining me in my journey of fashion this time.

This time, both of us decided to talk about some popular clothing styles in the colour black...or, should I say, colour choice while choosing clothes? Do you guys know that during World War II and the Great Depression, women who wore black, became the breadwinner of their families and they started working? That simple black dress from that time has become the power of dressing choice for most women today.

LBD, I am sure every woman who is into fashion can relate to the term easily; a piece of clothing which one can carry differently on different occasions. For a fashionista or any fashion enthusiast, it is almost necessary to have clothes in black, Right??

Before knowing the trend and popularity, one must know why it is popular or trending, a little bit of a history of the same. LBD originated in the 1920s, introduced by none other than COCO Chanel, has been the choice of many of the iconic women in history, starting from Joan Bennett’s traditional flapper-style black dress to Marilyn Monroe’s chic figure-hugging (or bodycon) black sheath dress and many more.

Recently, LBDs made of 'leather' has come in trend along with different styles for wearing the same. Just have a look.

One can also give a different touch to that dress by pairing it with a black short classy skirt. Those pieces are perfect for night outs or any other special occasion, if you are confused while choosing colour for your birthday dress or that dress which you are gonna wear to your freshers' party, then go with an LBD. It will not disappoint you in any way. For trendy Black dresses, you must check out H&M, Mango, Dorothy Perkins, Dressberry, etc.

As we know, black is our go-to and safe colour choice. Along with that, the same black is also very much corporate and formal while going to an office, office parties, professional events, meetings, etc. After talking about LBDs, let's talk about those black long elegant dresses or gowns. I know many of the girls among us are not comfortable wearing LBDs, which is completely understandable, because even I, too, am a huge fan of those elegant long bodycon and flared black one-pieces, which not only help us in attending parties, anniversaries but also one can carry them with utmost grace and confidence to those professional office parties as well.

While choosing a black gown, be it bodycon, flared, mid-length, or silk blend maxi dresses, one should style those with statement accessories in contrasting colours, just like Ritika is wearing a one-shoulder, mid-length solid black dress with Taffy pink accessories like a pair of earrings and those pink block heels with laces.

Some other styles of long black dresses are flared, body-hugging/bodycon, a-line dress, wrap one, solid sheath, pleated empire, solid maxis, solid peplum, etc. For some of these amazing designs, you must check out these fast fashion brands like H&M (again), Mango, Kazo, ONLY, Street 9 women, etc.

So, that is all from my side, and do not forget to have at least one piece of each of the styles in your wardrobe. Trust me guys, it will never ever disappoint you. When you hit the 'I have nothing to wear' days, then go with the trusted Little Black Dress… Until next time, see ya!

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By Rimpi Das

In Frame - Ritika Gupta

(August 2020)


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