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Lockdown vehicle care

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we all are working from home instead of going to the office. It is high time to take care of our health during this period but we should not forget to take care of our old best companion, i.e., our vehicles.

Since, during the lockdown, our vehicles are one of the most ignored necessities which are going to be our best partner once again after the lockdown is over, here are some tips for safeguarding our Beasts, because the first thing we will need after this lockdown ends are our vehicles.

In the time when there is a lack of service provider to maintain the top quality of our vehicles, we need to do it in the old fashioned way, that is, by getting our hands dirty; as an automotive enthusiast, we love to take care of our beloved beasts and beauties as they represent our own personalities.

So here we bring to you some of the tips and tricks you need to know to ensure that we keep our beloved vehicles in top-notch conditions during this lockdown.

1. Keep your vehicle’s engine running for 10-15 minutes every week.

Idling the vehicle weekly ensures that the oil and all the other lubricants get circulated through the oil lines and the cooling line ensures that they do not clog up when you take your vehicles out after the lockdown.


  • Ideal RPM for bikes lies in the range of 1000-1500.

  • Ideal rpm for a car lies between 600-1000.

2. Use the anti-rust liquid in the switches and other such parts as well.

The use of anti-rust on the parts will ensure that your vehicle is rust free, since, rusty metal tends to lose its strength, which can be a serious issue for high-performance vehicles.

3. Use naphthalene balls throughout the vehicle on the inside to prevent mice.

The use of the naphthalene balls and rat poison prevents rodents and reptiles from infesting the natural cavity inside the vehicle which is a warm and favorable environment for their survival.

4. Clean your vehicles' scum by using Kerosene oil or Diesel oil.

Generally, scum or gunk gets deposited near the chains which highly attracts the dirt and the pollen which are not good for the chain sprockets and tend to decrease the longevity of the chain sprocket, if used without cleaning. Clean it thoroughly with diesel or kerosene and apply a slim coating of chain lubricant to prevent rusting.

5. Use a paddock stand to hold your superbike.

Usage of paddock stand prevents the tires from getting corroded as they prevent excessive pressure on tires for a prolonged period and also make it look sexy.

6. Use lint-free clothes while cleaning your beast.

Using the lint-free microfibre cloth provides the best finish, and dry cleaning helps to prevent water from getting deposited. Thus, as the vehicle stands idle, water may take days to evaporate, so dry cleaning is recommended for your beast.

7. Keep all eatables out of your car.

Trust me, your cars or bikes don’t need any kind of food, so keeping them inside your lovely babies can be an invitation to rodents and reptiles, hence, no food!

8. Move the vehicle into the parking lot

Moving the vehicle in the parking lot ensures that the tires get rotated so that only one patch of the surface area doesn’t stay in contact with the ground for a prolonged period which may cause damage to the tires. and also prevent clutch plates from sticking to each other

9. Disconnect the battery if you cannot attend to your vehicles.

Disconnect the negative (-) terminal first to prevent any short circuits followed by the positive (+) terminal and store the battery at room temperature, if the vehicle is not in use, to preserve the battery fluid from draining.


By Jay Rawal & Prakhar Pandey

(July 2020)


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