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NGOs battle in the pandemic.

As we all know in a pandemic, we have a drudgery in our mind that how and what we have to take actions so that the people of our country can win this war against COVID-19. The government has taken few steps to overcome the pandemic situation, and many states like Odisha, Punjab, West Bengal, Delhi NCR, etc. took further extensions to protect its civilians. But, what else we have to do? Many organizations are taking steps to help in this tragic situation. The Government and these organizations are taking steps that will help in the big picture, but who is taking care of the situations that cannot wait for the big picture to come to fruition? How will they survive? Here NGOs have taken initiatives to the best of their abilities to help the people and animals in distress. Let us see some situations where NGOs are playing crucial roles.

Many migrants workers are currently trapped in faraway cities away from the safety of their homes. Without food or a roof over their head or opportunities to make money to survive, they are being forced to walk thousands of kilometers back to their villages. Many NGOs have stepped up to provide them with food so that they at least survive. The NGOs have reduced half of the work of government by providing regular usable products and by providing food to them. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), has already issued a letter to the government to partner up with these NGOs and help them provide food and shelter to the people. To help the people in distress, the NGOs have also started a Crowd Funding website called "Milaap" where people can donate and help the most badly affected people like the laborers, domestic help, taxi drivers, restaurant waiters, beauticians/ hairdressers, etc. This campaign thankfully has been far-reaching and is helping out many families reduce the financial crises. Other NGOs like Goonj, based out of Delhi, have started the initiative “Rahat COVID 19”, where they are taking care of migrant workers with their daily rations, skincare items, and grocery items. Another initiative called “India fight Corona” have started to provide soaps, sanitizers, and mask to the poor.

In Udaigiri in Odisha, where people used to come to see the lively wood of Rishi’s or visit the Buddhist temples built in the times of King Ashoka. Thousands of people used to come to visit this place, and they in their way used to feed the monkeys and dogs on the road. But now they don't have those people to feed them due to the lockdown. NGOs have stepped up and they drive up to these areas to feed those homemade foods to these hungry and helpless animals.

All over India, many NGOs just like these are helping people and as citizens who have it better, they must do out utmost to help others who are not so fortunate.


By Sandipan Mahapatra.

(May 2020)



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