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Message from the Editor-In-Chief.

It’s quite a thrill to start a lifestyle E-Magazine for the uber-cool generation of today. The generation who are young in their thought process (age is then a number for others but not for you).The generation of innovative corporates, social entrepreneurs, and humans who are living life to their truest potential making a MARK of their own, for generations to follow their successful footsteps as a RELIGION.

Welcome to the world of


Only once or twice in one's own life are times that are histrionic enough, to make you aware that the world has been wobbling between what has been and what is coming. I believe this is one of those moments that I decided to start this e-magazine with my marketing students incorporating my 16 long years of corporate and academic experience and the newer generation thought process. This magazine is a result of a digital marketing class project for my students... Today MARKELIGION is opening for you all to read, ponder, comment, share, and contribute.

Every decade leaves its mark on the past and Markeligion is here to mark the paths of people, trends, and happenings that would pave the way for many more generations to come.

This magazine has a dual motto, one to let our readers know things that would entice them, second 40 percent of our profits we earn through Markeligion, will go on to restore life’s of orphan and old people

Make us a part of your journey by being a part of Markeligion

Dr. Sumanjit Dass

(Professor of Marketing)



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