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Let's dive into some colors... What say?

Hey guys !! hope you remember me. It is the third time, come on you should remember me actually….I write cool blogs, Right?

Oops !! Sorry for being Muh Miyan Mithu (Self-praise)

If you remember my last blog, that was regarding the colour Black while choosing clothes, basically about LBDs and long black one-pieces.

So, this time I thought of putting light on some colours. We are going to talk about some bright colours this time. Do you wanna guess?

Okay! Think, think! In between, let me tell you all, I said ‘We’ because this time my helping hand is one of my friends, that’s -Anushka Raychowdhury.

I guess you have already guessed …yes, absolutely true we are going to talk about neons…. Neon means not only Neon green, but all sorts of neons.

Evolution of Neon in Fashion

Fluorescent or all sorts of neons have been trending among young people for a couple of years now.

After being a black and blue person, I wanted to play with some colours. The agenda is making my wardrobe a little colour friendly. And at the same time, these neons are so much in trend and even camera-friendly that I could not resist and got my hands on those colours.

The neon trend is nothing new. It was an 80’s trend.

As neon colours are highly visible, neon shades have since been used on signage and industrial clothing to either turn a viewer’s attention or to give a warning message. It is also used to increase the visibility of individuals working on building sites, highways, or railways.

Neons have different psychological aspects, like:

  • Neon green is much like artificiality.

  • Neon pink gives a fun and playful vibe.

  • Electric blue can feel calm and tranquil, much like pure blues.

Now, let us go to the styling of neons in different looks, or should I say in different places.

Do you think wearing neon makes you look like a highlighter or a danger sign?? So, what’s bad about looking like a highlighter…You are highlighting the bold you with such a bold colour. At first, I was also hesitating to wear neon, but eventually, I understood that one can pull off anything and everything with utmost grace if you have the confidence.

The Gym Outfits

You should stand out while working out!

Neon in gym wear looks powerful and cool, right? While working out, some statement neon pieces can make you look stand out. They are –

  • A well fitted, shaped, padded sports bra from some brands like- Zivame, Puma, Forever 21, Champion, etc. A neon wind shorts and a tank top of some brands like- Zivame, Champion. Transparent bomber jacket with some pop-out neons like greens, blues, orange, etc. of some brands like Forever 21, Puma, Champion, HRX (Myntra).

These cool Areen Active bomber jacket in Neon Fuchsia and green that you can find on (Fashion Nova is the world’s leading quick-to-market apparel and lifestyle brand).

Basic day-out outfit

(Family gatherings, brunch)

Gabriela Dobrev (Fashion blogger) giving us a major brunch feel with her neon turtleneck top with that matching hairband.

A Top like this teamed up with denim, very minimal accessories, and a statement sling can make you stand out of the crowd and will surely catch everyone’s eyes. This outfit will surely dazzle up your brunch look yet it will be very comfortable for summer days.

Night out outfit

(Clubs, night parties)

As we mentioned above, who said neons can only be in green?

Come let us explore what the celebrities have for us –

Selena Gomez (American Singer)

Selena Gomez in her neon shimmery orange strapless structured dress, which she wore for the 13 Reasons Why premiere, is giving us some major night out goals. Not to forget her neon earrings which totally compliments her look.

An outfit like this can make you the showstopper at any party and you will be glowing in the dark.

You can find similar dresses in Forever 21, H&M, Zara.

Neena Gupta (Bollywood Actress)

There is a quote ‘Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends’ by Kate Spade.

Actress Neena Gupta truly did justice to the quote, as the actress at 61 years old wore a neon green one-shoulder dress designed by her daughter and a famous Indian fashion designer Masaba Gupta to turn heads at the IIFA Awards 2019. She proved that there is no age for wearing neon vibrant colors as she dazzles in the look. She teamed up her dress with a silver choker necklace which complimented her entire look. Not to forget about her green sneaker which made a style statement.

She gives you the perfect example of how you can rock in a neon dress in your 60s.

You can find this dress at the House of Masaba.

Beach outfits

(Floral, pop-out neon)

We all love vacations! Don’t we?

And when it comes to beaches, we all want to look the best.

This comfortable, lightweight neon sundress will be your new go-to outfit. This type of dress is perfect as a cover-up that can be easily taken from beach to street.

An easy-breezy outfit like this can make you look stunning in all your beach photos, yet it will be super comfortable for your beach vacations.

You can find this dress on in all sizes.

That was all for maxi beach dresses. Now let us see some other neon beach outfits which are not only comfortable but also playful.

For More:

The chiffon backless style neon coloured summer beach dress can totally complement your entire beach look. If you prefer a short dress instead of a maxi dress, then you should totally take one of these which are available in three colours neon orange, pink and green.

So, what you are waiting for? Do not think much, just go for such colours. Do not choose a colour based on your skin-color. If you are comfortable and confident you can pull off any coloured outfit, trust me. Grab your favorite picks and get all ready to dazzle your everyday looks. Be the star of your every outing.

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By Rimpi Das & Anushka Raychowdhury


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