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Coorg: Live in the middle of the cloud with a coffee mug


How about we sneak a glimpse at the biggest importer of espresso: Starbucks!


The Southwestern part of KARNATAKA - 'COORG', with an estimated population of 5 lakhs, has some Majestic things in its arms. COORG is also officially known as “KODAGU” and is prominent for its natural beauty, captivating aromas of the coffee plantation or we can say a blend of all the things which we need for A peaceful and enjoyable trip.

Because of its magnificent ambiance, COORG is renowned as ‘Kashmir of the South’ and also praised as “THE SCOTLAND OF INDIA”. It is also considered as ‘The Coffee Cup of India’ because 60% of coffee beans are sourced from COORG. All the big coffee players in the market have their plantation in COORG including TATA coffee which functions the world-famous STARBUCKS Franchisees in India.


Wake up with the fragrances of sedative coffee and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the smoky land of hills and sandalwood forests. The absolute purity of nature with adventurous activities (trekking, rafting, camping), attractive roads surrounded by coffee plantations and pepper vines, a glimpse of antiquity, all these things make COORG the startling thrill for the mind, soul, and the camera lens. It is also positioning as a popular destination because of its culture and people. The resident tribes of COORG are especially notable for their Keen Hospitality.

Best time to visit COORG

COORG has an exhilarating expansion of spice and coffee plantations that remain lush green throughout the year. All the seasons in COORG have their vibes. Let’s look at each of them

SUMMER- Wish to beat the heat of summer?

Coming to the cooler slopes of COORG, the Summer month of COORG is from March to May end, with 20-40 degrees Celsius having cool and pleasant weather. This season is also preferred to experience the valley wrapped in white flowers. The fresh winds strike on your face and the blossom fragrance entices your nose. A large number of tourists visit COORG to enjoy their summer holidays and enjoy some of the most pleasant experiences in their life.

MONSOON- Looking for A staycation with an earthy scent?

The rainy season starts from June and stretches till September with 12-30 degrees Celsius having medium to heavy rainfall. Mostly, people who are rain enthusiasts, visit COORG during monsoon to feel the absolute purity of nature and for enjoying the fresh and green atmosphere all around. Heavy rain may affect excursions and adventurous activities.

WINTER- Fuss adventurous life with frosty weather and hot coffee?

The Winter season is the best time to explore sightseeing and adventure activities such as trekking, hiking, camping, rafting, microlight flight, etc. October marks the beginning of winters, from November-February with an average of 26-degree high to 8 degrees low having cold and cozy weather. Cool winds, a warm and crackling fire, and a glass of wine or a cup of coffee make a journey unforgettable.

Tourist attractions in COORG


It is the region’s center point with all transportation availability and with ease to go anywhere. Places near Madikeri are...


This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva of Hindu Mythology. The temple is created in Muhammadan Architecture; the amalgamation of Hindu and Islamic architecture with the Gothic creation makes it transcendental. This is 940m far from Madikeri.


Located around 8 km from Madikeri, this white waterfall is mixed with a lush spread of coffee plantation, tall trees and joins the river Kaveri.


1.5 km away from Madikeri. The entry fee for Raja's Seat point is Rs. 10. This is the favorite site of KODAGU’S kings, where they sat on the lap of nature and spent their evenings while watching a spectacular sunset.


Situated 20 km from Madikeri. In the local language, this place is called ‘Mugilu-Pete’, which signifies the markets of clouds. Considering the rough roads, 17 km can be covered by vehicle but the last 3km has to be covered by Trekking or by Jeeps of the forest department. Jeep price per person is Rs. 600-700.


It is located at a distance of 43.5 km from Madikeri. This temple reveals the origin of the river Kaveri and was located by the Brahmagiri Hills. The forest covers this temple and gives it an admirable ambiance.


Kushalnagar is a place that grabs the attention of explorers and travelers. It is considered as the second-best place to explore after Madikeri.


It is at a distance of 3 km from Kushalnagara. It is a small forested land through which the river Kaveri flows and is famous for Wildlife sanctuaries, photography, picnic spots, elephant rides, and boating. The entry ticket per person is (Rs10 for adults, Rs5 for children, Rs. 25 for Elephant rides, Rs. 50 for boating).


The distance between Kushalnagara and Golden temple is about 4.7km. The largest school of Tibetan Buddhism is known as ‘Nyingmapa’. This temple spreads over an area of 80sq meter and has 40 feet high sculptures of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Shakyamuni, Amitayus. It is a magnificent precedent of Tibetan architecture and artwork.


It is located 14.4km far from Kushalnagara and is home to several elephants. It offers tourists to watch, bathe, feed, and spend some time with the world’s largest land animal. The best time to visit in the morning is 8:30 am- 11 am and in the evening is 4:30 pm-5:30 pm. Travelers can also enjoy rafting in river Kaveri for up to 7km of range, for which the price per person is Rs. 600-800.


Adventurous part in COORG


Indulge in a session of white water rafting in Bara pole, enclosed by the scenic landscape on both sides. The river has awesome rapids of grade 5 with the difficulty level from easy to moderate and with a duration of 90 minutes. The opening time for rafting is around 9:30 am -3:00 pm and the cost per person is approximately Rs. 1200.


COORG praised the coffee cup of India, dotted with many coffee plantations. It can be a refreshing experience to do a leisurely walk through a coffee estate and assimilate about how this beverage transforms from mere beans to the world’s favorite drink. All the big coffee players in the market have their plantations in Coorg including Tata Coffee which operates the world-famous Starbucks in India. Now you know where Starbucks coffee beans are sourced from in India.


Ways to reach


The nearest airport from COORG is Mangalore which is located 160 km away from COORG. The estimated time to reach Mangalore airport from COORG is 4hrs 30 minutes (by car). The Mangalore airport is connected to major cities of India. From Delhi (Capital of India) the flight takes 2hours 45 minutes to reach Mangalore. And from Bangalore airport to Mangalore the flight duration is only an hour.


You can also visit COORG by Bike, Bus, and Car. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) also runs Deluxe Bus services which are trustworthy and reliable. You can take a bus from all major cities of the state like Bangalore, Mangalore, and Mysore which are 243, 151, and 107 km respectively from COORG.


Although, there is no railway station in COORG there are some railway stations nearby. The nearest railway station is Mysore which is 107 km away. There are two more stations, Mangalore which is 150kms, and Hassan 104kms away from COORG. These stations are connected to all major cities in India. If you just love train journeys then choosing this mode of transportation can be a better and more comfortable option for you. Once you reach any of these stations you can use taxis, cab, or bus services to reach the final destination.


There are many Hotels available for booking in COORG including 3 STARS and 5 STARS. Both online and offline modes of hotel booking are available. You can also enjoy different offers available through online booking which can be in the form of discounts or tickets for the local visiting sites.

The hotel charges are according to the facilities, services, type of views, etc. Prices can go from Rs. 700 to Rs.20000 and choosing one from them will depend on your traveling budget.

Business Opportunity

There are so many Business opportunities in COORG. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Coffee Plantation and its exports are one of the major businesses in COORG.

  • Homemade wine production is another category of business with lucrative profits.

  • Spice formation which is generally carried out by women.

  • The hospitality sector is also rising in COORG as it contributes to the Tourism Industry.

  • The above listed 3 points are interconnected and are the major businesses in COORG. For the smooth functioning of the businesses, the State Government is taking more and more steps to motivate farmers and is standing with them so that farmers can get the right pay-outs for their hard work.

  • The production of Homemade wines in COORG is a historical trend and due to the availability of the right environment, it’s the best place to start, with the wines produced at the most optimized cost.

  • The state government is supportive and supports in starting almost all categories of businesses.

  • A common market place could be created with the support of state and central government where all the local business(farmers) will get a floor where they can showcase their uniqueness and generate revenue. Agriculture has a lot of potentials that boosts the state as well as the country's economy.


By Sonia, Urvi Chauhan, Rishabh Raj & Subham Shah.

(October 2020)



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