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Netflix’s German supernatural mystery thriller doesn’t fit neatly into any puzzle box, but it sure is addictive and intriguing. Initially built around the case of a missing boy in Winden, “Dark” quickly bursts through the confines of the small town — not by reaching beyond its borders, but beyond its time. The curious time travel element, however, is a tricky one, and two warring forces are trying to control it. Unfortunately, it seems that many young boys have been caught in the middle.

The time travel occurs in 33-year increments, which creates a curious connection with Winden’s past, present, and future. In particular, viewers have gotten to know the young, middle-aged, and older versions of the same characters that hail from a few major families. Trying to keep the various surnames, generations, and each person’s secrets straight is difficult enough, but throw in a kidnapping priest, arcane references, mutilated corpses, birds and sheep dropping dead, and fun ‘80s pop tunes? Pure madness.


Some mystifying and baffling facts of Dark which led to its immense popularity.

It's a web series that has portrayed the love story of Jonas and Martha. It's impossible to drive them apart but equally challenging as well to keep them together. So, the crux of the matter is to unravel the end of the beginning but to our astonishment, there is an end to the beginning.

Now let us talk about Jonas. Jonas a 16-year-old is the son of Michael and Hannah.

The same Michael is Mikkel who is 11 years old. So Michael is the brother of Martha hence Martha is the aunt of Jonas as well. Everything is right they are perfect for each other. But it's not right because they can't be with each other. (Because Martha is her aunt). And this relation of consanguinity doesn’t permit them to be together as lovers. Moreover, Martha's and Mikkel’s father is Ulrich who has an affair with his son's wife who is none other than Hannah the wife of Michael and Michael is Mikkel. Michael commits suicide and Mikkel had gone 33 years back. Jonas wants to set everything right so he also goes 33 years back to bring Mikkel back. But Jonas was the one who took Mikkel 33 years back. Jonas wants to save this world and he wants to stop this cycle. Though he was the one who's destroyed this world. Jonas doesn't want Hannah to die But Adam killed Hannah. And to our surprise Adam is Jonas. And Jonas is Adam, the traveler, the leader. Will, they were not together? So, the most important question is what time? But the question isn't about what time only, it's also about which world.? Now after Martha died she came back but this time she is not your Martha but she is Martha. Martha is eve. And eve is Martha. It is a different world parallel to ours. So, Martha's father Ulrich also traveled 33 years back but he did it twice. So from 2019 to 1986 and from 1986 to 1953, where he was arrested by the police and that police is the father of Hannah's another baby because Hannah also traveled back in time.

Doesn’t this convoluted story cause dizziness to your head? Isn’t it like a virtual labyrinth that leaves you puzzled?


By Abhinav Sagar

(September 2020)



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