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7 terrible style mistake that makes you Look older

There are a lot of men in their 20s, 30s, and even 50s who always want to look smarter, stylish, and sexier. So, here's the thing; no one is too old to get dressed up in nice ways. And thus, you should follow MarkFashion to elevate your style statement as well. That is why today we are going tell you those seven mistakes that you might be making right now that actually make you look older than you really are. If you are 23 why are you dressing like you are 45? Come on, live a little. Show your youth, show your passion.

So, the first things on our list are-

1. Wearing Cargo Shorts

I’m talking about these in tan or beige or whatever those weird faded colors are. The ones that come down past your knees, and you’re not even sure if they’re shorts or just cargo pants. That’s the truth.

The pants in which you find random things like chewing gum, or money, two months later, because there’s just way too many pockets and you forget what you put in there. Honestly, these shorts add a lot of years to your style. You can go from 35 to 60 really quickly, just by throwing a pair of these on. So how about this as an alternative? Get Seven-inch inseam shorts that don’t have eight or nine pockets on them. You’re gonna realize that you don’t actually need all of those pockets, and you’re gonna look better, younger, more stylish, and it will even make your legs look longer and therefore, make you look taller.

The next horrible style mistake that way too many men make is deciding not to wear certain clothing because they think they're too old.

2. Being Scared of Style

That’s right. I am talking to you. You think that you cannot rock a leather jacket or jeans or cool shoes because you’re in your 30s or 40s? Why? Why not? Throw it on. Check it out. I’m sure you’re going to look like a badass.

I am also talking to you. DADs who think that he cannot rock cool sneakers. Come on man. You can defiantly rock that. It's the same for skinny jeans and even sunglasses. Some people think they’re too old to wear sunglasses. Are you kidding me? I am not saying you can rock on some Jordan's, put on some skinny jeans and then a leather jacket, and go outside think that you’re balling. That’s not the look that you want to go for. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest that. But you can definitely rock one of those items at a time, once in a while. Do not go for super skinny jeans. But definitely, get them tailored and make that they look good on you and follow your body. Throw some cool sunglasses on, get a leather jacket, or get a bomber jacket. Get some nice sneakers that will make you look like a cool DAD.

3. Not Changing Your Hairstyle

Not changing your hairstyle since you were a teenager. Please, guys, try something new. You have to change it up, you have to explore a little bit. You should not have the same hairstyle that you had ten years ago. Like now, I have been growing my hair a little bit you know. It is looking a little funky, a little cooler, crazy or weird. But you know what? I am digging it. We will see what happens. I am not sure how long I am going to grow this out, but I am trying something new. I’m taking this time when I am stuck at home, not going out much because of what’s happening outside, and I am just letting my hair grow, I am trying on something different. And for all the other men out there, if you’re trying some new hairstyles, try on some good hair products as well. Get good hair clay, and argan oil, take care of hair, add some biotin supplement in your diet, and rock a really healthy and stylish looking hair.

4. Wearing The Wrong size

I see way too many guys wearing really really tight shirts. That is pushing it. If you have the DAD bod, just go with it. In fashion reality, when do you have a DAD bod? When you gained a few pounds or if u wear a really tight shirt around your gut? In a tight shirt, it’s going to show even more. So, you don’t want that. Just size up. One size up will make all the difference, and it’ll hide that weight that you’ve gained until you can let it go. If you don’t want to let it go, fine! But at least size up your shirt. It's also applicable to the guys who used to be big and muscular, was large, or x-large, and then they sized down, or they stopped working out, which is totally fine, but, when you thin out, you got to change the sizing of your clothing too. You got to go from large to medium or medium to small. Make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly.

5. Being Out of Shape

Hitting that same vein, the same point, where you have to be active. Exercise to stay in shape, or get in shape if you are not there yet. You don’t have to be in perfectly tip-top shape to be able to stylish, but let me tell you this and it will definitely help. If you’re trying to look younger, if you’re trying to be more stylish, if you want to look better and more youthful in general, then definitely hit the weights. Go for a jog. Try some new sport that you haven’t tried yet. Ride your bicycle every single day to lose some of those extra kilos that you gained. Lose that DAD bod, and get to be more stylish.

Before the lockdown when I used to go to the gym and I used to see some men in their 50s and 60s, and they were ripped. So, if you are telling yourself that “I am too old for that, man”, believe me, you are not too old and you need to stop saying that. That is a horrible mentality to have and it's just going to hurt you in the future. So, stop thinking like that.

One of the biggest mistakes that one can make is losing hope.

6. Giving Up

Giving up on your looks completely because you think you’re too old. That is the worst mentality to have. I definitely see a lot of guys with potential. They could be 40, 50, or 60. It doesn’t matter. They still have a long life ahead, and a lot of hard work to give. And they think they’re too old to look good. To put the least effort into their looks, and that’s not how it should be. I want everyone to wake every morning no matter how old they are to look in the mirror and say “wow I look pretty good today, I’m doing all right”, no matter how old anyone is. One should be proud of how they look. Being proud of the way that you look is just gonna give you that extra confidence, and that little bit of extra happiness to go out and be seen and do different things.

7. Not taking care of your skin

If you want to look young for a long time to come, then start taking care of your skin at the least. Do these two things. First, start using sunscreen on daily basis. The sun is so harmful for your skin that it gives you wrinkles; it gives you damage and sunspots around your face, your skin, all over your arms, and even more, it could cause skin cancer. We know that being exposed to sun causes tanning. This happens because of the skin pigmentation, which in other terms is called melanin production, that is produced by melanocytes. Overexposure to the sun and not wearing enough sunblock may damage the skin DNA that controls the cell division, and thus causing a very common form of skin cancer called Melanoma. So, if you work outdoor or if you like to go to the beach, like playing any sports outside and you’re in the sun at all times, wear sunscreen. That’s the first thing that you should be doing, or actually the last thing you should do before you leave your house. Apply moisturizer in the morning right before leaving your place. Right before you go outside, apply some sunscreen on your skin and your body, to stay safe and protect yourself from those harmful rays.

The second thing is to get a good face wash and wash your face once in the morning and once right before going to bed. Guys include these two things on your daily routine, and you can see improvement in your skin sooner than you can imagine.

These were some of most crucial points that can make a man, irrespective of the age, go from zero to hundred real quick. For more tips regarding health and exercise follow our MarkHealth column. Believe me, it will help!


By Smruti Ranjan Parida.

(September 2020)


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